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Laurie Haas is a certified
Master Hypnotherapist

Specializing in Personal Development
and Relationships

Laurie Haas

Hello and Welcome

My name is Laurie Haas.  I am a master Hypnotherapist and received my Masters in April 2006.  My goal is to help people with their daily struggles in life and to feel good about themselves.  We all have times in our lives when we need assistance.  I can be that assistance and I will guide you through those rough times. 

You may not see it now, but are you have more inner strength than you realize. This inner strength can be used to make positive changes in you life. My joy comes from watching your transformation and experiencing with you your finding of that inner strength. 

I specialize in personal development
and relationships

At one time or another we have all felt a little confused and wished we had some guidance in those areas.  I strive to make daily changes in my own life and to better understand myself.  I have studied these areas for 30 years.  I welcome the advice and help from others on my own personal development and relationship issues.  Honestly, who has not, at one time or another, wished there might be a little help in the relationship department?  My wish is to provide guidance through those rough and difficult times.

Hypnosis is one of the most effective methods for treating everything from nail biting to mild depression

With a few personal sessions with me, or by just listening to my one of my audio recordings, you may find yourself being better able to cope with whatever troubles you...whether it is anxiety or weight-loss, self esteem or public speaking. 

Go to the Products Page and look over what I have to offer.  You may find one of my MP3 downloads or audio CDs to be just what you need to start you on your personal journey towards healing.

In the coming weeks we will be adding several more downloads so please check back often.

So take a little time to read over the material on this site and make a conscious decision to change your life! 

Take advantage of my free consultation by calling me at 419-344-0962 and let me guide you as you make the changes you have always wanted using hypnotherapy.

Welcome to LightenUp Hypnotherapy!


Call or email me today for a FREE CONSULTATION !

My hypnotherapy techniques can guide you through any of the following issues:

Personal Relationships
Weight Loss
Smoking Addiction
Eating Disorders
Anxiety and Panic
Self Image
Self Esteem
Stress Control
Fears and Phobias
Memory Loss
Public Speaking
Nail Biting
Goal Setting
Study Habits
Sports and Success
Good Health
Pain Management
Substance Abuse
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