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Laurie Haas is a certified
Master Hypnotherapist

Specializing in Personal Development
and Relationships

Laurie Haas

My name is Laurie Haas. 

I am a certified Master Hypnotherapist.

My goal is to help people with their struggles in life and to feel good about themselves. We all have times in our lives when we need the assistance from outside help. I am the one that will guide you through those times. You have more inner-strength than you realize. My joy comes from watching and experiencing with you your very own transformations and finding that inner-strength which has always been inside of you.

I specialize in personal develpoment and relationships..

I have years of experience guiding people through tough personal times, including personal relationship issues, susbstance abuse, weight and self-esteem concerns, and smoking addiction. This is what enables me to assist people from all walks of life.

Give me the opportunity to help YOU with anything that you may be having trouble with in your life. I feel confident that by talking with me one on one, or, by downloading and listening to one my audio sessions, you WILL start to see changes in your life.


Call or email me today for a FREE CONSULTATION !

My hypnotherapy techniques can guide you through any of the following issues:

Personal Relationships
Weight Loss
Smoking Addiction
Eating Disorders
Anxiety and Panic
Self Image
Self Esteem
Stress Control
Fears and Phobias
Memory Loss
Public Speaking
Nail Biting
Goal Setting
Study Habits
Sports and Success
Good Health
Pain Management
Substance Abuse
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